Business and IT/IRM TransformationStrategic Plan

Cloud Computing

Hawaii is to be commended for recognizing that cloud based technologies play an important role in our current “Social” and global society. is thrilled to see the Hawaiian State government put together the Information Technology Transformation Strategy. We believe that every good cloud strategy involves private clouds, public clouds and hybrid clouds. As the leader in the public cloud market Salesforce believes that the business or program functions matched with the available applications and solutions should drive the decision on where the State of Hawaii should get the cloud application and services. Salesforce provides applications for government that we have developed but also provides an “Apps-Exchange” and a “Government Apps-Exchange” so that governments can reuse the work of others. Many states are putting applications that they have built on the Salesforce platform to make them easily deployable to other states. This amazing exchange of ideas and technology allows governments to rapidly deploy applications such as citizen relationship management, case management, contact center automation, enterprise collaboration, social media monitoring and participation, permits, licensing, legislation tracking, economic development, tourism programs, asset tracking, legal management, workforce development, IT help desks, student achievement, emergency preparedness, health programs and hundreds of other applications. The average time to go live with these powerful enterprise applications is just over 50 days. The real power of the cloud is in the availability of applications and solutions that can be easily and quickly deployed to serve the citizens of Hawaii. We strongly encourage you to make the public cloud an equivalent option to your private cloud strategy and allow yourself the choice based on the solutions available to meet your requirements.

We would be delighted to brief your leadership team on what Salesforce is doing for government. Salesforce was recently named “The most innovative company in the world” by Forbes Magazine.



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