Business and IT/IRM TransformationStrategic Plan

Culture of Non-Communication

The stumbling block to transformation in Hawaii is culture, not just in government but in the community in general. I'm glad to see that the IT/IRM Strategic Plan recognizes that it is proposing a cultural shift. I'm concerned that the plan is lacking in specfic actions.


As I was looking at Table 2, I noticed that three of the four outcomes had at least one initiative with a specific schedule. The one outcome that didn't, organizational alignment, is going to be the bigest stumbling block to achieving the other three.


To overcome the stovepiping problem, the culture of non-communication needs to be addressed. OIMT may be doing a good job of communicating with the upper echelons but it's not getting through to the lower ranks. I work in IT. I heard about this plan through AITP. I asked a few of the non-IT program supervisors where I work if they heard of OIMT. Nope.


I think OIMT needs to come out with a monthly email to let people know what's coming. Working for the State in any support capacity is incredibly frustrating. This plan addresses a lot of those frustrations. People should be told about the initiatives now. Give them a chance to adjust to the idea and maybe even get excited that their job will be less frustrating in the future.


If nothing else, OIMT should have an email list of every IT employee in the State, and send them announcements when plans are made available or web sites like this one are launched. I was looking at the users of this site. I couldn't find one that didn't work for OIMT. Maybe OIMT needs to be less stovepiped.



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