Expand to cover all three branches

While it is not perfectly clear from these documents, it appears as though this "state-wide plan" in fact only covers the Executive branch ("The “we” in this case are the CIO, the Department Directors, and the Departmental IT leads.") As this is the largest branch, and has many ties into enterprise, I can certainly see why you would start with this, but I would also like to see a vision that covers the Legislative and Judicial branches.

The Legislative branch is particularly important to enterprise as it enacts the laws, and its electronic version of the statutes is out of date for about 6 months out of the year (that's the approximate time period between the end of session, when many bills become effective, and the uploading of the amended HRS). This delay is caused by the need to compile and proof all of the Acts, which is understandable. However, making the legislative data available to developers via API would allow them to pull in the latest data on statutory amendments from the bills themselves and thus ensure that they are complying with all applicable laws on a timely basis. Therefore, the Legislative branch should be part of this plan and should participate in governance.



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