Business and IT/IRM TransformationStrategic Plan

Going electronic

I am with DLIR and my line of business is administration of workers' compensation law by an attached agency. The judiciary has alreadly implemented electronic filing of appeals and records (JIMS system) and is progressing next with district court, and thereafter all circuit courts. State attached agencies should be prepared to go electronic as well so that all appeals, pleadings, records, etc. can be electronically filed with the agency. The system should be compatible with the Judiciary's JIMS system. For our office, I would like our customers to be able to log into a secured website so they can check the status of their cases, see what hearings or conferences have been scheduled in their cases, or what orders or other documents have been filed. This information should be accessibe only to the parties and the agency. It would be great if we can provide our customers or clients with electronic text message, voicemail, or email reminders of upcoming hearings and conferences and a vehicle to make online updates of contact information. The technology is already available to do all of this. Also, an idea for IT help desk: sometimes I just need to consult with an IT person and the solution may be quite simple and the problem can be resolved over the phone. Sort of like the Apple Genius Bar or even Oceanic Cable---a person to talk you through the problem. For more complex problems, then require a job help request. If I have to submit a job help request, it could take days or weeks before someone comes.



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