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It is better to give than to receive.

I noticed that there is going to be an attempt at doing a dataset inventory during the month of July. These sorts of things usually turn into a last minute scramble with frazzled nerves, disrupted work, and negative feelings all around. A lot of people will look at this as another useless exercise.


On July 2nd, before asking for something from the troops, give them something. I know purchasing is covered in the long term but we desperately need a uniform policy toward the purchase of computer hardware incidentals now. And it would be good publicity. This item can be included under organizational alignment and could be a quick win for the strategic plan.


My hardware approvals are reviewed by six offices outside of my branch. Those reviews are required for something as mundane as a mouse or a flash drive. This makes no sense. The review process costs more than the item being purchased. It also has a high cost in terms of morale.


I suggest as a more sensible policy, that the purchase of computer hardware incidentals, within the HRS 103D purchase requirements, be at the sole discretion of the branch chief and exempt from the T-205 process. OIMT can define incidentals any way it likes.


One option could be a dollar amount. This will be helpful in eliminating a lot of unnecessary work even if the dollar amount limit is as small as $30 per item.


Another option could be a list of exempt items such as flash drives, usb hubs, memory card readers etc. Personally I would really push it and include digital cameras. These are purchases in which the only two considerations are first, do we need it, and second, do we have the money? If a branch chief can't be trusted to figure that out on his own there's no hope.


A third option would be a list of items that are exempt when purchased as a direct replacement for a broken item. These would be things like hard drives, video cards, and maybe even monitors.


If OIMT should decide to do this, the office needs to know that when a directive comes from the governor, DAGS staples its own version of the directive on top, and then the other departments staple their own version of the directive on the top of that. The troops on the ground never read past the department's directive. I would make some phone calls and make sure that the first sentence in the department's directive goes something like, "As part of the new strategic plan created by OIMT...."


This policy would go a long way toward demonstrating that OIMT is capable of making positive changes at the ground level and instill a bit of hope in the troops while they're busy listing their datasets.



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